7 Celebs Who Are Owning the Silver Fox Look

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7 Celebs Who Are Owning the Silver Fox Look

Some celebrities choose to dye their precious locks to hide signs of aging. Hey, we all do it, right? Some celebs, though, choose to embrace the salt-and-pepper and even go full-on gray. Plenty of our favorite famous faces wear wigs to try out the silver look -- or stonewash, if you’re fancy like that -- like Kylie Jenner and Lady Gaga, to name a few. Others have let their natural graying happen, and we have to admit that we like what we see. Let’s not forget when Patrick Dempsey transitioned from his dark brown mane to having a sexy silver streak at the front of his head -- need I say more? Cara Delevingne has been switching from blonde to silver to brown again for years, and we are finally on board with this trend.

Read on to see some of our favorite A-listers who are totally killing the silver fox game and one who, though he’s known for his silver head of hair, actually hates the phrase “silver fox.”

1. Pierce Brosnan
Salt and pepper brands should pay Brosnan for all this free advertising. The 65-year-old has officially embraced his gray, and I would not be mad if he wanted to reprise his role as James Bond looking like this. James Bond: The Later Years, perhaps? 

2. George Clooney
I don’t think anyone quite appreciated how silver the 57-year-old actor was until he showed up to the Royal Wedding in full-on silver fox mode. Are he and Amal a vision or what? 

3. Helen Mirren
Dame Mirren is usually photographed a bit more blonde than gray, and she keeps her naturally icy hair fresh by adding highlights here and there to compliment her staple face-framing haircuts. Other than that one time she showed up to the 2013 BAFTA Awards with a pink bob, that is. 

4. Jamie Lee Curtis
The 59-year-old Halloween actress has been rocking her natural color since the 2000s, going fully gray in 2004. “It helps if you can be courageous and cut your hair off like I did,” she told Marie Claire in 2007. “It's much harder to transition with longer hair, since then you're stuck with two inches of gray roots.”

5. Taylor Kinney
Although only 36 years old, the Chicago P.D. star and Lady Gaga’s former beau has rocked the salt-and-pepper look for years. Appropriate, since Mother Monster had silver hair at one point while she and Kinney were dating. 

6. John Slattery
Slattery isn’t shy to admit that he’s had gray hair since college, just like his father, who apparently walked down the aisle with a full head of gray at age 23. The Mad Men actor isn’t fond of dying his hair, but doesn’t want to be called a “silver fox” either. 

“I hate ‘silver fox,’” he once told Vanity Fair. “I absolutely hate it. It just sounds so slimy and embarrassing.”

7. Anderson Cooper
The journalist and television personality went salt-and-pepper in his 30s, and although it’s become a signature look for him, he’s said in the past that he doesn’t love the look as much as the rest of the world does. 

“I don’t really like my gray hair. I wish I still had brown hair. It’s not my thing,” Cooper said on Live! With Kelly in 2016. “If I could, I would probably color my hair, but I couldn’t imagine sitting in a salon with tin foil in my hair reading old issues of Rosie for hours. At this point, it’s too late -- the cow has left the barn.”