10 Stars Who Love the Game of Golf

Here's all the famous faces who can't get enough of the beloved game!

Hitting the links!

Hollywood is packed with stars who just love to spend an afternoon hitting 18 holes on some pristine fairway. It’s a timeless sport that has the upside of being playable long after stars are able to sprint down a basketball court.

So, with summer well underway and numerous golf tournaments in the months ahead, let’s pause to consider some household names who love the game of golf!

1. Justin Timberlake

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Whether it's for charity or just to polish his game, the former NSYNC member doesn't miss an opportunity to get his next hole-in-one. In fact, for a few years, Timberlake owned a golf course -- Mirimichi, which resides outside of Memphis, Tennessee. However, he decided to sell the operation in 2014

2. Michael Jordan

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After leaving basketball behind, Michael Jordan has become an avid golfer. The six-time champ even admitted to ET that golf allows him to continue to stay competitive and take a break from everyday stress.

"You know, basketball was my escape, once I got on the basketball court nothing else matters," he said at the Michael Jordan Celebrity Invitational at Shadow Creek in Las Vegas in 2013. "You know, now that I'm not playing basketball, golf does that for me, and I think I've been able to take this game now and turn it into something where I can connect the dots, where I can give back to charities and spend time with business people." 

3. Clint Eastwood

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Clint Eastwood may be known for his tough guy onscreen personas who are always ferociously chasing the bad guy, but in real life, the 88-year-old Hollywood icon is instead chasing a solid drive down the fairway as often as possible. Like Timberlake, Eastwood has invested in his passion. He's part owner of the luxurious Pebble Beach Golf Links in Northern California!  

4. Alfonso Ribeiro

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Everyone's favorite funnyman and TV host, Alfonso Ribeiro, is pretty much a staple at golfing events! But don't be fooled by his playful demeanor. When it comes to this age-old sport, he gets pretty invested.

"I'm so passionate about this game," he told the Golf Channel at the 2018 Diamond Resorts Invitational in January. "There's something special about being able to see a shot and end up hitting it, right? And so when you get to do it in a competitive space, there's nothing better, right?"

5. Dennis Quaid

Michael Kovac/Getty Images

When it comes to beloved film fathers, you can do no better than Dennis Quaid. But don't let that fool you. The 64-year-old actor is a determined competitor on the golf course. But, for the actor at least, it's far more than that.

"I found golf late in life, in 1990. I took some lessons and struggled," he wrote for Golf.com in 2010. "Then one day, I hit a drive that was so crisp and clean, with no vibration. There's no feeling like it. I was hooked... Golf is meaningless, but it means so much."

6. Nick Carter

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Nick Carter is candid about his love of sports. But, in a 2015 interview with ET, he admitted there's only one sport that he'd like his son, Odin, (and other possible future kids) to learn.

"And I'm like, 'I want them to learn golf' because golf is about patience," he explained. "And it can maybe create a really tranquil child." However, ultimately, Carter just wants his son to discover the fun of the sport, which is what really keeps golf lovers returning to the links.

"And I always try to make it fun," he added. "Like if I take my son out golfing, I'll let him drive the golf cart. No rules, just enjoy."

7. Mark Wahlberg

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One of the things that makes golf so appealing is that it's a casual sport. Players stroll from green to green, or better yet, they ride along in a golf cart. However, Mark Wahlberg, who's a serious golfer, refuses to play by those easy breezy rules. He revealed in an interview in 2016 that he found a way to turn golf into a serious workout.

“I would tee off at six in the morning and run the golf course,” Wahlberg told Golf Digest. “We’d hit a drive and then just sprint to the ball and then the [caddies] would come with the carts. We’d grab a club, hit again and then sprint again."

Thanks to his hyper-athletic brand of golf, Wahlberg claims he can do 18 holes in just over an hour!

8. Adam Sandler

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It's no secret that Adam Sandler is a big fan of golf. After all, he did star in a film all about a hockey player who discovers he's incredible at the game -- Happy Gilmore. And, in the years since the 1996 comedy, he is often spotted heading to the links with his famous pals.

9. Bill Murray

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If you were to make a list of what makes Bill Murray so special it would have to include his zany brand of humor, his perennially lighthearted demeanor and, of course, his passionate love of sports. Fans will remember that he interrupted a White House press conference to rave about his beloved Chicago White Sox after they won the World Series!

But, when it comes to actually playing sports, Murray is an old hand at golf. Adopting bold and colorful outfits, the movie star has managed to stand out among fellow golfers on the course as well!

10. Jane Seymour

Photoshot/Getty Images

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman's Jane Seymour may not be the first name that comes to mind when considering the stars who love to escape for a round or two of golf but, be warned, the 67-year-old actress is a seasoned player. 

Just this month, she shared a video of herself doing some putting while out enjoying a game with her son, Kris. She clearly loves the game, because even after missing a shot, she happily smiled for the camera!


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